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I have just done meele functionality and it feels just right. As i said previously, you spin your mouse at your enemies and press LMB it at the right moment to enable a "swing" move. Meele weapons are very different than firearms, so it changes some of the minor gameplay rules to balance the swords. Variety of weapons will make slaughtering enemies even more fun!

Oh, and I have done the translation sheets and i can send them out to people! Isn't that great? Don't forget to observe the progress!

Thanks for the support!

Mon, 12 Sep 2016 22:41:14 +0000 Yazaa http://steamcommunity.com/games/453860/announcements/detail/818916303603027404
More flexibility! Hello!

I have just reworked every string in the game, making it translateable! Isn't that great? WtDK can be now translated into other languages, with no limits to what can be translated. People will be able to decide whether or not they want to see my broken English in the game (ha, no more blaming that on me anymore). Every string seen in the game will be open for everyone to change.
I know I should have been working on melee weapons, but translation possibility had to be done, and earlier it is done the better.

Thanks for reading!

Wed, 07 Sep 2016 18:17:42 +0000 Yazaa http://steamcommunity.com/games/453860/announcements/detail/816664041028363810
For close combat enthusiasts Hello!
I have got something special for all of You today. And that thing is... Melee weapons! I can't really show them yet, but I am working on it. The basic mechanic is to "swing" your sword, but to remove "spin2win" mechanic, you will have to press mouse button to start dealing damage for a short time and speed up your swinging speed! I think it will add more variety to the game, just as flamethrowers, projectile weapons, lasers etc. I am considering to introduce. I have already made a possibility to push enemies, for those who favor ranged weapons.

However, that's not the only thing that I have been working on. New crafting system with working listing only needs a solid polish and a bit more of features.
Game overall is rough round the edges, and i need to make it more invuitive.

Thanks for the support!

Tue, 06 Sep 2016 22:14:20 +0000 Yazaa http://steamcommunity.com/games/453860/announcements/detail/816663967298710548
Welcome! Hello. If you are interested in this project I would like to invite you, players, to join this community group. I will start announcing what has been added, changed, removed, to keep you all updated and make you contribute to the game, by posting your ideas and discussing current features.

Thank you for all the support I've received so far and i hope to hear even more from you!
Sat, 27 Aug 2016 23:00:30 +0000 Yazaa http://steamcommunity.com/games/453860/announcements/detail/825670259989387525